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The familial tavern “Pyrgos” has been operating since 1987 under the direction of Panagiotis and Kalliopi Delios, who you still find in the kitchen following the long tradition they have started, in an effort to combine art with quality and service with cleanliness. The food is homemade with fresh ingredients. The “Pyrgos” tavern is in the central square of the village. Our tavern serves local meat, lamb, pork and goat on skewer, kontosouvli (pieces of tender pork, roasted on a rotisserie), kokoretsi (entrails stuffed with liver, spleen and lungs, cooked on a rotisserie), traditional croquettes, myzithra (traditional cheese of Chios) and many other traditional dishes. It also offers honey, olive oil, kopanisti, souma and olives, all produced by the family.

Don’t miss our handmade spoon sweets, such as rose and quince.