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Easter at Avgonyma village

Visit Chios on Easter and enjoy with us our traditional customs! Spend your vacation at Avgonyma village, at the traditional touristic apartments “Pyrgos”. Celebrate the Easter Eve at 22:00 at the church of the village, as traditionally happens in years and then see the burning of Judas at the stone square of the village. Finally taste “magiritsa” (a traditional soup made from lamb offal) prepared by “kyra-Kalliopi, the householder! Try goat on skewer, kokoretsi and other delicious dishes in our family tavern “Pyrgos”.

Afterwards you will have the opportunity to visit Vrontados, where on Easter night thousands of rockets are launched in the parishes of Ag.Markos and Panagia Erythiani and lighten the night. It is the famous Rocket War, an old custom that attracts thousands of visitors every year.