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Avgonima, the village of the four seasons is a well-preserved medieval settlement located very close to the town of Chios.Built on a rocky hill in the middle of a pine forest, the cube-shaped stone houses with small windows, the narrow streets and the cobbled square are some of its characteristics. The view from Avgonyma is magnificent, the visitor enjoys the view of the endless blue of the Aegean, the rich pine forest of Mount Provatas and the wonderful sunset.

As you visit our village, do not miss to try the excellent food that we offer you in the central square of the village. The "Pyrgos" tavern is a family business and has been operating continuously since 1987. It is worth trying the local dishes such as goat meat, vegetable meatballs, chickpea meatballs, hand-made spaghetti and local suma and ouzo.

The beaches with crystal waters located just 10 minutes from Avgonima are Elinda, Trachili and Gyali. Swimming in the green-blue cold waters of the bay of Elinda with the white pebbles is a unique experience.Trachili beach is isolated with clear blue waters and attracts all those who seek peace and tranquility. The secluded beach of Gyali has sand and pebbles and its waters are clear and calm.

Trachili Beach

A large and enclosed bay, a quiet and sheltered haven

Gyali beach

Secluded and lonely, with clear blue waters it attracts all those who seek peace and tranquility. .

Elinda beach

A beautiful enclosed bay, emerging from behind a small hill.

For hiking lovers, Avgonyma is the most ideal place. Every visitor can start from the village and reach Anavatos and explore along the paths in the green forest. For the lovers of climbing, in Anavatos there is a hiking trail that crosses the forest and ravines from where you can enjoy the view that stretches down.

In Avgonyma you can meet 92 species of terrestrial orchids, the flora of the island is very rich. In the spring time, more than 60 species of native orchids bloom in the forests and in the barren fields around Avgonima, out of the 92 that exist throughout the island. If you are a nature lover and Orchids take a short walk in the countryside around the village. You can discover - especially in Spring - the magic of nature, the harmony, the detail, the variety and the complexity of the species.