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One of the best and cleanest beaches of Chios is that of Elinta. It is on the west side of the island and it is the closest beach to the village of Avgonyma, just 7km away from it. It has crystal blue waters and the wreck of a Roman ship lays in its natural bay. The beach is suitable for those you love tranquility and the magnificent scenery.


At a distance of 10km from the village of Avgonyma is located the beach of Traxili.  It is a beach with coarse sand. It is the ideal destination for those who prefer desert beaches with a minimal human intervention.


The beach of Lithi is located 14km from the village of Avgonyma. It has fine sand and clear shallow waters. There are several fish taverns and cafeterias where you can enjoy fresh seafood or drink a cup of coffe after swimming.


At a distance of 12km from Avgonyma is situated the beach of Tigani. It is a desert beach with fine sand.


It is a beach 8km away from the village of Avgonyma.