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A medieval village in the heart of Chios, 16km from the town center, on a path that will fascinate you, as on one side you have a panoramic view of the city of Chios and on the other a unique forest pine. The village is built at an altitude of approximately 500 meters. In the 11th century it was established and inhabited by the workers of Nea Moni. It is among the medieval villages of the island with this fortified singular architectural rhythm.

The houses are made of stone with small windows, which were used to protect them from pirate raids during the Middle Age. Even today they maintain the architecture of the past. The village looks out over the pine forest as well as the deep blue of the Aegean Sea. Most houses are restored and inhabited by few remaining permanent residents of the village, but also by several lovers of tranquility and idyllic countryside, who are enjoying their holidays.

The village is surrounded by the Provatas pinewoods and several olive groves, making an idyllic and magnificent landscape for visitors. Built on a hill, it has a marvelous view to the Aegean Sea since one can see Psara from the west side as well as the remote island of Evia and enjoy the magnificent sunset, one of the most beautiful in Greece.

It most likely got its name from the term Avgonymata, which means cheap pieces of land.