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Anavatos, a village with a breathtaking view to a wild and magnificent environment, lies just 20km from the town of Chios and 4km from the village of Avgonyma.

As it is known, its name derives from a defensive fortress difficult to reach. There are no historical sources for the exact date of its foundation. It was probably built for defense and spying on the bare western coasts of Chios. The houses were roughly made and the only sign of Genoese influence, apart from the written sources, is the main Tower which was later converted to the church of Taxiarchis. Though abandoned nowadays, the village had been considered for centuries as the safest place where many people fled to be protected against the Turks. Moreover many women and children had resorted to the village so as to save themselves from the slaughter committed by the Turks in 1822, ending up to the “Zalongo” of Chios.

The stone made settlement is built on the top of a cliff, in the same color as that latter, so as not to stand out of its surroundings. Due to its shape and its byzantine origin it is called the “Mystras of the Aegean Sea”.