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 Myrovolos Chios (fragrant)

Chios one of the islands of the north-east Aegean Sea and it is closed to the coasts of Asia Minor (Mikra Asia). It covers an area of about 840sqkm and it is the fifth largest of the Greek islands. The islands of Oinouses and Psara belong to the prefecture of Chios, too. At first sight, every visitor who arrives at Chios gets immediately the sense of nobility combined with tranquility and peacefulness. Chios has never lost its authenticity over the years.

The fragrance of its gardens ties up with the unique scent of mastic, which fills the air especially in “Mastihohoria”, and with the maritime activity, an old tradition for its people. Chios has always been attractive to the travelers that are really interested in getting to know it.

The great benefits of the island are the pristine and beautiful beaches, the medieval villages, the particular color of its settlements and the remarkable sights.


As you will see, the beaches of the island are numerous and show great variety. Even if you decide to spend the whole summer in Chios, you will still have the opportunity to choose a different beach every day. Some of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan beaches of the island, such as Karfas, Ag. Fotia, Ormos Lo and Daskalopetra, are close to the town. More westwards there are the beaches of Elinta, Tigani, Managros and Ag. Markella. 

The cosmopolitan beaches of Komi, Maura Volia and Vroulidia are located at the south of the island. All the beaches on the island have crystal clear waters and many of them are organized, equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds and with lifeguards.


In the town of Chios there are many attractions worth being visited. These are:
  • Archeological museum: there are exhibited ceramics, bronze, sculptures, reliefs, busts, inscriptions and coins.
  • Byzantine museum: there is a great collection of early Christian, Byzantine and post Byzantine reliefs.
  • Exhibition of Ioustiniani: there is a collection of early Christian mosaics, Byzantine and post Byzantine icons and wood carvings.
  • Koraes Library: a big library with a great range of books of all times. More than 135000 volumes and manuscripts. It is the personal library of Koraes.
  • Maritime museum: a collection of objects of the maritime tradition of Chios, portraits of sailing ships and steamships, ship models, accessories and rare photos.
  • Folklore museum of Kallimasia: there are rooms that represent old occupations such as oil mill, smithy as well as rooms of the traditional Chian home.
  • Nea Moni: it is the most important Christian monument of Chios in a distance of 11km from the town center.
  • Ag. Markella: the famous church is located in a beautiful beach of Volissos village. The shrine thrills the visitors because of the martyrdom of Saint Markella.
  • Moni Moundon: a byzantine monastery with a remarkable wooden temple on which the Old and the New Testament is carved)
  • Castle of Chios: a great castle with a long history. It is located in the town center.


  • Rocket War: on Easter it takes place the rocket war. On Easter Night thousands of rockets are launched and make the sky change its colors.
  • Small handmade boats: we celebrate New Year’s coming with the small handmade boats, a custom which is worthy of the maritime tradition of the island. Every year the crew with their small wooden boats with funnels and canons go through the neighborhoods singing praises.
  • Mostra: it is a custom celebrated on carnival, on Sunday of Tyrini, at Thymiana village. It is a representation of a battle that took place centuries ago between the locals and the pirates who tried to invade the island.