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Hiking: For those who love hiking, Avgonyma is the ideal place to visit. Visitors can set off the village and reach Anavatos village through the paths inside the lush forest.

Climbing: At Anavatos village there is a hiking trail cutting across the forest and the ravines, from where you can enjoy a panoramic view.

Paintball: At Anavatos there is a properly equipped space for the fans of the sport.

Orchids: In Europe there are 250 terrestrial orchid species , 92 of which are found in Chios. Generally, the fauna is very rich since it includes species of European and the Asian area . Spring in forests and fallow fields around Avgonyma bloom more than 60 species of native orchids of the 92 that exist throughout the island . If you are a nature lover and Orchids take a short ride in the countryside around the village one finds - especially in the spring - the magic of nature , harmony, detail , variety and complexity of species.